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                                        2022-2023 Tuition/Fee schedule

                                Trinity Lutheran School and Preschool


PK3 and PK4: FULL DAY  $5900 or  $590/mo.  for 10 months, August-May  
PK3 and PK4: HALF DAY $4660 or  $466mo.  for 10 months, August-May (Must be picked up by 1:00)
PK2: FULL DAY $6490 or $649/mo.  for 10 months, August-May 
PK18mo.-24mo.: FULL DAY $6700 or $670/mo.  for 10 months, August-May  

Notes: Children must turn the appropriate age by September 1 to enroll; Lunch and snacks are provided (see handbook); Monthly fees do not include Christmas Break (2 weeks) or Spring Break (1 week) or Summer Care; Additional child(ren) discount of $50.00 per month each.

Application Fee $25 due when applying
Registration Fee $50 due when registering
Curriculum Fee $100 due with first installment 
Computer Fee $50/Year for PK3 and PK4 due with first installment
Acct. Management Fee $50/family due when registering 


                            KINDERGARTEN-12th GRADE

FIRST CHILD $535/mo. for 10 months August-May
SECOND CHILD $485/mo. for 10 months August-May
THIRD CHILD $4250/mo. for 10 months August-May

Application Fee K-12-$25 due when applying
Registration Fee K-12-$150 due when registering
Curriculum Fee K-12-$275 due with first installment
Computer Fee K-12-$50 due with first installment
Acct. Management Fee K-9-$50/family due when registering

Lunches K-12-$40 (10 lunches) $80 (20 lunches)

After School Care Fee $75/week 

All billing and collection services are managed online through TADS.
All questions concerning billing should be directed to the school office.
Ten monthly tuition payments are due on or before the first 15th of each month, August-May.
Accounts are past due after the 15th of the month ($35 late fee assessed)
Other due dates and payments schedules are available.
There is a return check fee of $35.
We offer automatic withdrawals from your bank account.
Debit and Credit cards are accepted.  There is a service charge.
Optional online class fees are paid directly by parents to curriculum provider.
Tuition refunds may be requested in the event of a company or military transfer.
Applications for financial aid and scholarships (K-12 ONLY) are available.
Trinity Lutheran Church members receive a tuition discount.
Military personnel and Shannon Hospital employees receive a discount on K-12 tuition as part of our Partners Program.





SUMMER CARE 2021 June-August



SUMMER PROGRAM:         June 1 – August 13 noon                                         


School Age (K and older)       $1632    

PK3 and PK4                          $1632

PK2:                                        $1767

PK18mo.-24mo.                      $1824


The Center opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 5:30 p.m. Students not picked up by 5:30pm will be charged a late pick-up fee of $25.


Students who attended the 20-21 school year at Trinity will be granted one-week vacation with no charge, provided we are given a two-week notice. (You may pick up a form in the office). 


The activity calendar will be sent home along with the field trip schedule for school age children on the first day.  Students will need to bring a sack lunch each day, preferably in disposable packaging.  Refrigeration and microwave will not be available.  Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided. 


An activity fee is required for all students enrolled in our Summer Program.  The activity fee for ECC age children is $80 and the activity fee for school age children enrolled in our summer program is $150.00.  There is also an account management fee of $25.  All previous accounts with Trinity Lutheran must be paid in full before a child can attend Summer Care.


All summer care participants must go online at trinityschoolsa.com to register.   Look under the Admissions/Enrollment Tab for “Summer 2021”.  It is on this site that each parent will select and set up their payment arrangements.  Note that all payments are due by the 1st of each month prior to care for that month.  You can pick a one installment (due on June 1); two installments (due June 1 and July 1), or three installments (due June 1, July 1, and August 1) plan.

Payments may also be made weekly, or at anytime or interval, but must be paid in full by the 15th of the month or a late charge will be assessed.


Please call the School Office (947-1275) or ECC office (947-1148) with questions!