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Early Childhood Information


The Early Childhood Center at Trinity Lutheran School is a state-licensed, award-winning center that operates all year long and provides Christ-centered, quality care for children from 12 months to 5 years old. 

The center is open daily for after school care, on school holidays and throughout the summertime. 

Classes are separated according to age and each group participates in planned age-appropriate activities in the classroom and outside on the playgrounds.

Our staff is well-trained and very nurturing.

Morning and afternoon snacks are provided along with a hot lunch.  The center is open from 7am until 5:30 pm.

Although we do not accept drop-ins, parents are encouraged to sign up for any of the available programs.



The Preschool at trinity is an accredited program that takes pride in striving to develop the 'total child'.  There are multiple classes for two-year-olds (PK2), three-year-olds (PK3), and four-year-olds (PK4). Qualified, experienced, well-trained teachers integrate the Christian faith into classroom lessons that are age-appropriate and engaging. Teachers utilize the CPH Bible curriculum, the Saxon math curriculum, and the scholastic reading readiness curriculum organized into thematic units. All ages have music classes weekly, while PK3 and PK4 classes also have a weekly Spanish and computer class. Nutritious morning and afternoon snacks are provided along with a hot lunch. Children have the opportunity to participate in morning devotions, a weekly chapel service, and educational field trips. Preschool classes are held daily during the school year from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. with after school care available.

12-18-month-old toddlers learn: walking unaided, vocabulary and language developement, fine motor and gross motor skills, sharing, and independent play. Our other goal is to prepare them to enter our 18-24-month program.  NOTE: ALL FOOD,DRINK,AND SUPPLIES ARE SUPPLIED BY THE PARENTS.

18-24-month-old toddlers learn: vocabulary and language development, vocalization (two and three-word sentences), sharing, independent play, prewriting skills, large motor skills, and making choices.

Two-year-olds learn: potty training, color and shape recognition, articulation, counting to ten, reciting the alphabet, listening skills, and to develop large and small motor skills.

Three years olds learn: to recognize and write the alphabet and numbers to 20, rhyming, listening skills, and retelling stories, enhanced vocabulary skills, memorization of Bible verses and other important information, self-help skills, and further development of large and small motor skills

Four-year-olds learn: Alphabet skills including recognition, writing, and sound; recognizing and writing numbers to 30; rhyming and pattering, sequencing, alliteration, syllabication, advanced vocabulary skills, memorization, and further development of large and small motor skills.

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