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black and white lunch bag buy clothes shoes onlineLUNCH PROGRAM/ Snacks and Meals

Trinity does not provide breakfast, so please see that your child has been fed prior to bringing them.


Trinity Lutheran School provides a catered hot lunch program through Golden Corral for its students and staff members unless there are extenuating circumstances. You will be notified if lunch will not be available.  

The catered lunches are ordered on a daily basis at 9:00 a.m. so that the meals arrive on time.   It is important that the office is notified prior to that time should your child be late due to an outside appointment if they will need a catered lunch.  After this time, parents are responsible for providing their child with a lunch.  A lunch menu will be sent home monthly with your child.

Catered lunches for PK students are provided with enrollment.  Students in grades K-12 must purchase a lunch if they do not bring one from home.  Lunch tickets may be purchased in the school office or by sending money throught the paypal link below. Lunches are $4.00 each.  Lunches may not be charged. Parents will be notified before a student's lunch ticket expires.

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If your child is unable to eat any item on the lunch provided from the school, due to an allergy, you must send an ENTIRE lunch for that day. We are unable to give them a partial lunch.

Students may not bring a lunch from home and have a catered lunch as well.  We do not have the space at the tables for two lunches.

LUNCHES FROM HOMESize - Lunch Box Black And White - (512x512) Png Clipart Download

You may bring a lunch from home for your child but please remember that soft drinks are not allowed at lunch and we are unable to refrigerate or microwave lunches (PK- Grade 3), so they will need a cold pack to keep the items fresh.  All lunches from home should be healthy in nature.  Please send food in containers and packaging that can be easily opened by your child.  Milk may be purchased for students K-12 with lunches from home.

ECC students may bring a lunch to school provided by the parent; however, bringing a lunch to school does not reduce the monthly tuition charge.

All students in the ECC must sign a food waiver upon enrollment so that lunches do not have to be checked for guidelines set by the State of Texas.


Snacks are served each day in the morning at 8:45 a.m. and afternoon at 2:30 in the ECC.  No snack substitutions may be made by the parent unless the child is allergic to the item.  A note from a physician stating that allergy must also be on file in the ECC office.  A copy of our snack menu will be sent home monthly.

Kindergarten students have a snack each morning.  These items are provided by the parents.

Students in the other grades may bring a snack from home to be eaten at recess or as advised by the teacher.  There is also a snack machine in the school hallway where students may purchase small snack items.


Milk is served at least twice daily in the ECC. Licensing requires milk to be served at lunch time and one snack time to children unless a child is allergic. If your child is allergic, you may bring special milk for them DAILY in a thermos, otherwise they will be served water. A doctor’s note must be provided stating an allergy.  No other preferences will be accommodated.


Children pray before and after lunch.  Students are made aware of lunchroom conduct, including orderliness before being served, table manners, and behavior as the meal comes to a close.

All children/staff are to wash their hands before eating. School students are to pick up their lunches and go directly to their seats.  ECC children will be given their lunches by their classroom teacher.  Students are to remain in their seats during the lunch period.  Children are not allowed to exchange food. 

If you bring your child to the school or ECC during or after their lunch period, they will need to have already been fed lunch.

Nut Free Stock Illustrations – 2,176 Nut Free Stock Illustrations, Vectors  &amp; Clipart - DreamstimeFood Allergies-The Trinity Lutheran School Board recognizes that peanut allergies represent significant health and safety hazard to students who have such an allergy. For this reason, snacks and lunches provided by the School and ECC are peanut free.  ECC students may not bring any nut product in their lunches or snacks from home if they are allergic to the snack provided. We do understand that as students get older, they are more able to discern what they should eat and what they should not. Therefore, it is the Board’s policy that in grades K-12, students may bring peanut products to lunch, but cannot share their lunch or bring any peanut products to class for snacks or parties, if there is an allergy in the classroom. (Parents will be notified by the classroom teacher if there is a peanut allergy in the room.)  Thank you for your understanding/help in regards to nut allergies.


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